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by Hip Hop Honey Online, Mountain View (geolocate), published: Fri 12 Jul 2013 09:44:00 PM UTC.

Favicon Chris Rock Talks Grown Ups 2
12 Jul 2013, 9:44 pm

Chris Rock Talks Grown Ups 2

( 4UMF NEWS ) Chris Rock Talks Grown Ups 2:
Chris Rock is back in Grown Ups 2 and brings the laughs.

It’s three years later and Rock talks about how the cast all wanted to reprise their roles because they’re all actually onscreen and off-screen friends. Rock talks about the film and giving an update where they are now.

It’s three years later and Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is dealing with the woes of being a dad, getting along with his wife Deanne McKenzie (Maya Rudolph), dealing with a new baby who like to poop, a daughter who starts dating and his son getting into trouble.

Chris Rock talks about the movie being good old family fun while on the red carpet at the Grown Ups 2 premiere.

Check it:

Chris Rock is already hinting to a third installment and actually we would be interested. Would you?

Sony Pictures, Grown Ups 2 hits theaters nationwide Friday July 12th, 2013.




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Favicon Angel LoLa Monroe
31 Oct 2012, 3:14 am

( HIP HOP HONEY NEWS ) Angel LoLa Monroe:


Angel is the perfect name for heaven sent body. Check the soft and sweet skin on this lovely hip hop honey. LoLa Monroe is her name but Angel is what they call her. And after seeing these pictures you will understand why the name fits!!!


Keep up with Angel LoLa Monroe  


Monroe was born in Ethiopia and raised in Washington D.C.. She is of mixed Trinidadian and Ethiopian descent.

She began writing poems and songs at the age of 12.

Monroe made her acting debut in the Wendy Williams biopic Queen of Media and later acted in Crazy like a Fox. She began modeling and appearing in music videos for various artists. She later became LoLa Monroe in 2007; “Monroe” is a reference to the actress, model, film producer and singer Marilyn Monroe.

In June 2009, Monroe released her first mixtape, Boss Bitch’s World. In October, she released her second mixtape, The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art of Motivation. She also released her collaboration mixtape Untouchables later the same year.

In September 2010, Monroe released her mixtape’s first single, “Overtime”. A video for the song was also recorded and premiered on 106 & Park. In December 2010, LoLa released her fourth mixtape, Batteries Not Included.

Monroe was nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards of 2011.

Artists who have influenced her musical style include Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, MC Lyte, Salt-n-Pepa, Trina and Lauryn Hill.





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Favicon Gloria Velez
31 Oct 2012, 2:29 am

( HIP HOP HONEY ) Gloria Velez:


This is one honey that hip hop could not do with out. The honey in Gloria Velez shines through on every picture. Sexier then the last. Nude pics or fully clothed either way Gloria Velez is a hip hop honey for real. Now the hip hop came out when she decided to enter the rap game. Even going after a one Nicki Minaj and even imitating her a few times trying to taunt Nicki Minaj. Basically attempting a female hip hop beef. We don’t have her music but we got a few pics to wet your appetite. Hope your hungry cause she is a full course meal. If your smart your gonna want seconds.

Name : Gloria Velez
Date of Birth : October 18, 1978
Place of Birth : Long Island, New York, USA
Nationality : American
Profession : Musician, Model
Nickname : Glory

Gloria Velez (born December 18, 1978) is an American bikini model, dancer, rap artist and actress who is a native of Long Island, New York and is of Puerto Rican descent. Gloria Velez knew what she wanted to be since she was a young girl, and, during her teenage years, she attended the John Casablancas modeling school, which led her to being signed by the Elite Modeling Agency. Casablancas’ school had a contract of exclusivity with Elite Models at the time, and Gloria Velez joined other models, such as Cindy Crawford, as a member of Elite. Gloria Velez immediately began to work in the entertainment world, going on tour with *NSYNC and Sisq�. A newcomer with a feminist attitude (she once declared that men in the music industry were afraid of women “with brains”, for example), Gloria Velez was still a schoolgirl, and she had to fly over to *NSYNC and Sisq concert locations during weekends and free days when she wasn’t on vacation.


Gloria Velez was influenced by Sisq,*NSYNC and other singers, and soon, she began to pursue a career as a rap artist. She founded her own studio, and, soon enough, she was discovered by music executive Tyrone Fyffe, who signed her to his music company. Soon after, Gloria Velez switched to Rodney Jerkins‘ Cash Money/Darkchild Imprint label, but, because of her earlier contract with Fyffe, a court case followed in which Fyffe tried to claim her back to his own label. Gloria Velez decided to end the problem by getting a release from both of her contracts, and she independently released her first CD, “Glory”. “Glory” was proceeded by Gloria Velez’s first promotional tour. Not to lose touch with her beginnings in the entertainment world, she began posing with bikinis for magazines, and she has been featured on a number of publications. Gloria Velez was one of around 60 Hispanic models to be portrayed in a special issue of Blackmen, which was released on February of 2005.

Keep up with Gloria Velez   

On that issue, Gloria Velez addressed a question that many non-Puerto Ricans ponder about Puerto Ricans born outside Puerto Rico, when Gloria Velez declared that “(she) was born in Long Island, (her parents) were born in New York, but (her) grandparents were born in Puerto Rico, so (she is) 100 percent Puerto Rican”. Gloria Velez’s plans include releasing a DVD named “Doin Tha Damn Thing”, keeping on working as a model for the national clothes chain, BellaHoney, and keeping her magazine modeling career on going.

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Favicon Tomika Skanes
30 Oct 2012, 6:13 am

( HIP HOP HONEY ) Tomika Skanes:


Most don’t even know how many times they seen this half African American / Asian.

Sexy is not something she does it is something that’s in her, so it’s something she is.




Keep up with this hip hop honey.

Tomika Skanes



Sweet enough to eat over and over again look at this hip hop honey as every bite is sweeter the the last.



Tomika Skanes Bio:
Tomika Skanes (born on August 21, 1978 in Columbus, GA), is an established professional Blasian Model/Actress of African American and Korean American heritage. Her mother is full Korean and her father is African American. Her parents met while her father was stationed in Seoul, Korea. Tomika is the only girl and a middle child, she has two brothers, Jimmy Skanes (older) and Donald Skanes, JR (younger). After traveling to various military bases all over the world, her family finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tomika has done consistent print work, covers and editorial/pictorial spreads in many urban mainstream magazines such as Black Men mag, SSX, KING mag, XXL magazine and Smooth Magazine.

Her television work includes appearances in Beauty Shop the movie (starring Queen Latifah), a Boost Mobile Commercial (braiding Ludacris’s hair), as one of the BET’s Comic View models, etc.

You may have recognized and seen Tomika featured in major hair magazines such as Black Hair Sophisticates, Style Q, Metrostyles, Salon Profiles, Montage Magazine, etc.


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Favicon Malicia Santana
29 Oct 2012, 4:25 pm

( HIP HOP HONEY NEWS ) Malicia Santana:Malicia Santana is a true new hip hop honey blowing up on the hip hop sites, butt and I mean butt she is on every guys radar. check out the heat with this booty meat!


HER NEW NAME SHOULD BE Triple S = Smart Sophisticated and Sexy!


Hi my name is malicia im 23 years from puerto Rico and el Salvador but live in Miami.

What’s your name?

MS: Malicia Santana.

What’s your nationality?

MS: Puerto Rican, Brazilian & Salvadorian.

What hometown do you represent?

MS: I rep Miami, FL Babi.

How many tattoos do you have?

MS:I have 6 tattoos and I’m starting my whole back.

Do any of your tattoos have meaning?

MS: Yes some of my tattoos have meanings like my Arabic prayer on my arm.

Which one is your favorite tattoo and why?

MS: My Asian tiger on my leg is my favorite one for now cuz the tattoo is very colorful and I love it.

What are your on turn-ons?

MS: I’m attracted to good looking guy able to make me laugh. He needs to be respectful to me and have a lot of ambition and determination.

What’s your favorite food?

MS: I love sushi!!!

Keep up with Malicia Santana

Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 125 lbs
Bust: 34″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 44″
Cup: DD
Dress: 7


Shoe: 7.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Skin color: Tanned
Shoot nudes: Yes
Experience: Experienced

Interview With Malicia Santana:

SWAGGAZONE.COM Thanks for taking the time to talk with us . can you tell can us about yourself & our readers who you are and where you from?

Malicia Santana I’m a urban model, I’m Puerto Rican and El Salvadorian but I’m from Miami, Florida

SWAGGAZONE.COM How did you get your start in modeling?

Malicia Santana Well I had an account in model mayhem and a photographer discovered me that’s how I really started to be professional.

SWAGGAZONE.COM Can you give give our readers a quick run down on your modeling career so far?

Malicia Santana I shot with Mj flix many times .. I was on dynasty series and many other website.. I shot for the online magazine curvehouse.. I’m on ggurls.com and I’m actually in the next issue of straight stuntin magazine.

SWAGGAZONE.COM What are your measurements?’

Malicia Santana 34dd 26 44

SWAGGAZONE.COM How Tall are you?

Malicia Santana 5’5

SWAGGAZONE.COM So,outside your Modeling career what are your dreams or things you would want to accomplish?

Malicia Santana Well I want to travel more outside the united states and for sure one day I wanna get married and have kids.

SWAGGAZONE.COM What kind of hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not working?

Malicia Santana I like shopping , traveling, go to the beach, going out with my girls..,.

SWAGGAZONE.COM I would say in your photos that you come across as confident and seem a little bit aggressive. Would you say that accurately describes you when it comes to dating?

Malicia Santana Hahaha I’m definitely a very confident person yes .

SWAGGAZONE.COM What is the sweetest thing a men ever done for you?

Malicia Santana Tattooed my name

SWAGGAZONE.COM If you were able to travel anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you want to go?

Malicia Santana In the Maldives.

SWAGGAZONE.COM What Would you consider to be the Most Flattering Parts of your Body?

Malicia Santana Face and asset.

SWAGGAZONE.COM How Many tattoos do you have?

Malicia Santana I have a lot and I’m starting my whole back.

SWAGGAZONE.COM What qualities Do you find attractive in a Man?

Malicia Santana Sense of humor , honesty .

SWAGGAZONE.COM What are some of your guilty Pleasure?

Malicia Santana Desert … :s

SWAGGAZONE.COM Strawberries or Chocolate ?

Malicia Santana Chocolate

SWAGGAZONE.COM You Have very nice lips Are you a good Kisser?

Malicia Santana I think so lol

SWAGGAZONE.COM Are you single or are you enjoying the Single Life?

Malicia Santana I’m enjoying the single life ;)

SWAGGAZONE.COM What can we expect from you for the rest of the year , do you have any big project coming up?

Malicia Santana I definitely want to do more magazine and music videos.. This is what I work hard for…

SWAGGAZONE.COM Where Do you see your self 5 years from now?

Malicia Santana I definitely want to be on top of the game !!!!

SWAGGAZONE.COM I really want to thank you for doing this interview Doll we definitely look forward of seeing more of you, stop by any time keep us update.any last words for our readers and your fans and how they can keep in touch with you?

Malicia Santana I want to say thank you to all my fans I appreciate the love and follow me on twitter @malicia_santana


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